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Customer Spotlight: KONVEY

Online retail stores are booming at a significantly high rate, letting individuals give a chance to their dream to breathe. Another mention to our list of favorite businesses is KONVEY, recently launched by Katha. Developing and hosting KONVEY, has been fun and a lot of interesting experimenting.

Katha is an engineer, artist, a blogger and now an entrepreneur, working her way out with her beautifully handcrafted gifts. She has been associated with arts in several ways. She has conducted several painting & craft exhibitions as well as solo shows.

On being asked about her journey, she said, “My IT job gave me enough money to have a decent lifestyle, but I was not happy. Something was lacking, somewhere. And I needed to figure it out. So I decided to quit my job and take a gap year.”  Here’s a brief conversation we had with her recently.

When did you launch KONVEY and what is the vision behind it?

KONVEY was launched in August 2015, with a vision to reignite the lost charm of handwritten letters. Handwritten letters are my personal favorite as they carry this amazing essence of the person who writes them, it kind of carries their atmosphere. So even when you are miles apart, atleast for few minutes, you get that feeling of being close to the writer which is priceless.

What inspired you to launch KONVEY?
I used to gift my close ones something handcrafted with handwritten notes on various occasions, it always made me feel super happy when I used to watch them open their gifts and get all excited. So I knew I had a huge affinity towards crafting. During my gap year, I came across people who were promoting their art via different social platforms. I got the idea from there and launched my own website, KONVEY with the help of WSP. My family, my super supportive friends including Sumit, Jas, Deepesh and many others have been motivating me from time to time. Starting something new from scratch surely takes a lot than one can imagine. I’m grateful to God, I had people who have always been there to encourage and inspire me.

Why did you choose WSP?

My entire business runs online. In that case I needed something that was surely secure and provided the best user interface. I saw WSP’s work and frankly, it was magnificent. I took a tour of several website they developed and that was when I was sure, nothing could fit my business needs better. They provide such a smart user experience to my customers, I get a lot of appreciation about my site. 🙂 Choosing WSP has been one of my best decisions. Taking my business online made it easier for me to reach a wider audience which increased the demand of my product at an evidently high rate in a comparatively small time frame.

What were the difficulties you faced while thinking of promoting a rather obsolete act?

I have always wanted to promote letters, in any form, be it a 4 line letter but it should be handwritten. In all of my products, I make sure to add an element where the sender has to express his/her feelings in words. Usually when I started promoting handwritten letters, people didn’t seem to be that much enthusiastic about it. Technology advancement has a lot to do with it. I used to get responses like “I can just text him rather! It will take merely a min. or so. What’s the need of a fancy letter?”

What solution did you come up with then?

Rather than encouraging people to write, I started crafting little gifts like memory boxes, sweet reminders, scrapbooks, postcards and many others that included one section for handwritten letters. That seemed to be more convincing for people to include their feelings in words. Initially I used to ask my clients, if they would like me to write the letter on their behalf. These days, when I get an order, people often ask me to leave the letter section blank so they could write in themselves. That gives me immense pleasure. Handwritten letters nurture the bonding in a truly peculiar way. There are very few things that compare to that feel.

I’m glad to be doing my bit in promoting handwritten letters and people feel really happy when they receive any such gift, so ultimately I feel super delighted when I hear their reactions 🙂

What would you like to suggest other people who wish to do something similar?

I would just say, never stop chasing your dreams. People might call you by different names from the book but at the end it’s your life and what you do with it should be your business, nobody else should be responsible for your decisions.




If you are planning on taking your business idea online like Katha, WSP would be glad to help. Reach out to us via our contact page to chat with our website specialist for free consultation or drop us a mail.

Katha’s work can be found at KONVEY

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