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Customer Spotlight: Lavanya Handmades



One of the merits of online retail services is being able to give a chance to your dreams sidelining the fear of failure. And when it comes to creative individuals, they always find it difficult to fit in the 9 to 5 job schedule, so they prefer being their own boss, which Anukriti did. Adding to the no. of budding women entrepreneurs, Anukriti decided to contribute her bit by launching her online store, LavanyaHandmades.

We had the opportunity to support her dream while she shifted her handmade crafts business from Instagram to her personalized website.

Anukriti is pursuing her career in medical field. Creative something new has always been her favorite time out from the daily grind of life. Transforming her hobby into business, she decided to reach a wider audience via internet. She says, “I started my business in June, 2015. I turned my passion for art into profession and I am so glad that I did.” Considering art as an escape from her mind-boggling study schedule, she says it’s like meditation. It helps her channelize her emotions while she creates a beautiful art pieces for her clients.

“My work always did manage to bring a huge smile on my client’s face! I cannot think of any accomplishment bigger than this.”

She further adds, at first it didn’t seem to be an easy task. It was all about trying to create new things and working out on ideas to deliver the best. “Customer is King” has been her motto throughout.

13624907_962771353820212_1602381255_nLuckily, it started acquiring its pace and in no time, her Instagram hit a milestone of around 15.4k followers. Cheerful and ever so inspired, she says “It’s not as difficult as it seems. You have to keep your faith in what you love to do and things work out just fine.”

On taking her business online, she says “To be frank, I saw other people doing e-commerce business and I got so inspired that I started my own business through an Instagram page.” Proud about her freshly established website she says, WSP has always been her preference for web hosting services. “I have been using WSP’s web hosting and I must say they provide the best plans depending on the type of business.”

Mentioning the present aspects of her business website she states, “Online web presence plays a vital role when you plan on establishing your entire business online. It acts like the first impression that you set on your site visitors that eventually converts them into your clients. I have to make sure, my clients get smooth interface interaction as they browse through the website.”

Anukriti’s clients admire her art work and often appreciate her for putting out a website. “It has aided my clients with the ease of browsing through my catalog and selecting what fits their requirements the best.”

When asked about her advice to fellow woman who are planning to listen to their dream call, she says:
“They just need to believe in themselves. And an ambitious women always turn out to be an achiever! I wish good luck to all the aspiring women entrepreneurs.”

If you are planning on taking your business idea online like Anukriti, WSP would be glad to help. Reach out to us via our contact page to chat with our website specialist for free consultation or drop us a mail.

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